Floor LDR LUMENTILE is capable to generate signs, active paths, artistic scenarios and other multiple lighting solutions creating an added value for traditional ceramic floors. The pressure sensors allow to detect people walking onto it, giving the possibility, for example, to change the color of the tiles once stepping on it and defining specific paths according to a Human Machine Interface Application.

Floor LDR LUMENTILE could be installed in spaces such as shopping malls, museums, airports, town squares, bars, restaurants, clubs; in general in any indoor and outdoor space where a decorative effect on the ground is required.

It can follow the walk of the people stepping on it, changing the color of the tiles with only a decorative aim, giving information about the way to follow for reaching a specific place (the meeting room, own table in a restaurant or the gate in an airport) or even interacting with other systems installed in the surroundings.

With this solution, light up your path with your steps!

Technical Characteristics:
  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • IP: IP54
  • Dimensions: 300×300 mm
  • Sensors: Pressure sensor
  • Top layer: Translucent ceramic
  • Bottom layer: Ceramic
  • Type of LEDs: RGB LEDs
  • Type of installation: Horizontal
  • Maximum power consumption: 36 W
  • Luminous efficiency: > 10 lm/W