Video Wall HDR LUMENTILE is capable to display large format videos in emblematic public spaces, corporate buildings, sports arenas, town squares, exhibition halls, shopping malls; in general in any space where a giant video needs to be displayed for several purposes such as brand publicity, event announcements or interesting information for citizens and tourists about the city or an specific event.

The Video Wall HDR LUMENTILE solution could show videos, programmed light sequences, static images, texts and signals. Its 75×75 mm pixel size allows a great definition for a video size of 1280×720 pixels or more. Also its refresh rate is adequate to HD video streaming.

Endless possibilities to be displayed in a gigantic video format to surprise the audiences!

Technical Characteristics:
  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • IP grade: IP65
  • Dimensions: 300×300 mm
  • Sub-pixels: 16 (pixel size: 75mm x 75mm)
  • Sensors: None
  • Top layer: Glass or PMMA
  • Bottom layer: Polycarbonate with additives
  • Type of LEDs: Discrete RGB SMD LEDs
  • Type of installation: Vertical
  • Maximum power consumption: 70 W
  • Illuminance: > 2000 lux


Video images display capabilities:
  • Image size: unlimited possibility, up to HD video size 1280×720 or more
  • Refresh rate: 25 Hz up to 50Hz
  • Colour depth: 8 bit/pixel