WP Description

WP1: Management
The objective of this WP is to conduct the usual management activities of the project, as well as to serve as an interface between the project and external bodies. This WP will be led by UNIPV.

WP2: User Requirements Definition and System Specifications
This WP has two main components; the first one is to define the framework for the project including the definition of the LUMENTILE scenarios, main architecture aspects and system requirements that will be exploited by the other WPs as well as the identification and evaluation of the cost/revenue trade-off and business models that are appropriate for the technology developed in the LUMENTILE project. The second component of this WP will investigate the functional specifications for the LUMENTILE envisaged solution. This WP will be led by EXYS.

WP3: Optical System
The main objective of WP3 is the creation of the optical concept “luminous foil system” and the design of the optical system is performed based on the specifications from WP2. This WP is led by VTT.

WP4: Electronic System
In this WP the electronic system aboard of the luminous tile will be designed, tested and implemented into the final product. Different aspects will be covered: from the optimal technology to realize the very-large area circuit, to the power management, to the high-speed video signal distribution, to the color and efficiency control of the LEDs, to the interface with embedded sensors. This WP will be led by JUL.

WP5: Software and Tile Control
The goal of WP5 is to develop software modules, programs and components to enable and support the operation of the single tile and of the whole system of installed tiles. The most adequate development tools, programming languages, and software

architectures will be selected, designed and implemented to control the behaviour and the functioning of the tiles. This WP will be led by UNIPV.

WP6: Ceramics and Tile Materials, and Embedding of Electronics into Ceramics

WP6 will investigate and develop the most suited techniques to integrate the photonics/electronic layer (the “luminous foil” developed in WP3 into the structure of the luminous tile. The goals are not only the achievement of a high-performance device, but also the identification of material and techniques that will allow a large-scale manufacturing of the electronic tile with affordable industrial cost. WP6 will also develop the small-series luminous tile production that will support the realization of the demonstrators in WP7. This WP will be led by KERA.

WP7: Demonstration

The principle objective of this WP is to develop prototypes and demonstrators of design-driven products and prove its practical use under real-world conditions. The final product (LUMENTILE) will be used in 3 demonstrators adapted to different typologies: Building facades, Paving-Lighting of pedestrian areas and Retail Interior Area. This 3 demonstraors will give a good understanding of the applicability of the final product. This WP will be led by SIARQ.

WP8: Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

The activities of WP8 aim to disseminate information and results of the LUMENTILE project within and outside the consortium, as well as proposing exploitation transfer plans and managing the Intellectual Property Rights in order to enable partners to maximize the commercialization of the results post-project.