Meeting with ITS 4.0 partners


Image copyright "Scuola X puntozero"The Italian Ministry for Instruction, University and Research (MIUR) started few years ago a project named ITS 4.0 (ITS are the Technical Institutes for Secondary Grade Schools), which scope is enhancing the innovation and applied technology in the second grade school and in the two following years. This project by the ministry has the scope to accelerate the development innovations needed for the fourth industrial revolution.

Six main sites are active in Italy in this sense, covering different commercial sectors of the Made in Italy. Among these six, one of this is followed by KERAPLAN, bringing to the attention of the Technical Institutes participating the LUMENTILE Project.

The activity done so far, followed by Daniela Cicchelero (KERAPLAN), was centred in the search and identification of novel applications in the context of building architecture elements and design. The exercise was intended to assess the applicability of a device as LUMENTILE in different context and stimulate the participants’ fantasy using the LUMENTILE.

The path was composed by three seminars held in the Ministry, the first where Keraplan was presented, the second with LUMENTILE project as main subject, and the last one with the young participants presenting their ideas for applications and installation.

At the round table held in the Ministry in Rome at the end of April saw the participation of some national industry organizations, grouping delegates from the major and more active industries and commercial business in Italy (ConfIndustria, ConfArtigianato and CNA). This represented a good possible starting point for the future collaboration with small and medium enterprises towards the technological renewal in the Made in Italy industrial landscape.