Lumentile at the UK Construction Week


Lumentile participated during the past 10-12 of October in the UK Construction Week 2017, within the section the exhibition in the Surface and Materials path. The choice was made in order to assess how LUMENTILE is fitting in the field of standard coverings of ceramic, wood and other materials.

The participation to this exhibition saw the presentation of the two complete movable demonstrators, a 6 tiles x 6 tiles floor demonstrator and a 3 x 6 tiles wall demonstrator. Both of them were inserted in the stand and the public was free to interact with both of them since gesture and pressure sensing systems were installed.

More than 60 people visited the stand during the three days. They were mainly interior designers and architects who found interesting the products. Nearly all of the visitors asked if the tile was ready to be bought or on the market. Some of them are looking forward for LUMENTILE to be commercial in order to use it in their projects. Also, press and media contacts asked for information and contents to write about LUMENTILE.

Overall LUMENTILE received a very good response from this fair. The group participating at the fair (UNIPV: Guido, Luca, Marcello, Alessandro T.; SIARQ: Alessandro, Sarai; KERA: Daniela Cicchelero) had the opportunity to mount and dismount the demonstrators and also acquire some logistics skills in the organisation of such an event, pretty far from “home” and this was a good achievement for the group. Also the rest of UNIPV, Julight and Sera team (Guido B, Enrico, Mauro, Sabrina and Francesco) put a lot of effort in the development of the demonstrator, being the first “LUMENTiler” in the world, good job!